Quotes from the press

Daily Newspaper Haagse Courant Thursday 23 May 2002
Daring Batavian Symphony Orchestra
...Conductor Lukas Groen (as guest-conductor returned from abroad) is the right man to give the ensemble security and flexibility through his suggestive and flexible gestures. He leads the orchestra careful and inspiring past many dangerous places.

(By Peter Visser)(Performance of a.o. Beethoven IV Symphony with the Batavian Symphony Orchestra)

Newspaper Maasstad Wednesday 20 December 2000
Pilgrimage Church scenery of an impressive concert.
...Conductor Lukas Groen had the indispensable role, the way he has put his mark on the whole performance. Groen inspired the choir to grow to great heights and the orchestra to fascinate the public. The performance of the soloists fitted in well with the high musical standard of the concert.

(By Peter Hoevenaars)(Performance of a.o. Beethoven IX Symphony with the Delft Symphony Orchestra and three Choirs)

Rotterdam Daily Newspaper, Wednesday 15 November 2000
conductor from Rotterdam gets National Price.
Lukas Groen may, without doubt, be called one of the most promising exponents of the young Dutch generation of conductors. Not only is he internationally educated, his talent is also widely recognised.

(Lukas Groen receives the Kersjes van de Groenekan Price)

Daily Newspaper BN/De Stem, 20 November 2000
Fascinating adventure by the Symphony Orchestra Jacob Obrecht.
...They played impressively the double wind quartet Mosaique by Marcel Poot. Also here the qualities of conductor Lukas Groen were obvious. He took the winds into a profound affective occurrence of this rhythmical, melodic and complex piece of music.
...Groen constantly managed to get the best from the orchestra. Also in the other works, the discipline and warm intention were present, whereby all pieces were prepared precisely and with rich but not overdone dynamics. ...

(by Monique Meeuwisse)(Performance with Symphony Orchestra Jacob Obrecht)

Daily Newspaper “Delftsche Courant”, 15 November 1999
...he is a real conductor with the matching movements and gestures. Once on stage he is the absolute master, clear for the orchestra and involved in his choir. A competent conductor, a treat to watch.
...but one general rehearsal must have been a venture. But he knew the score. Not a sign of hesitation in his firm guidance. That is what gave confidence to choir and orchestra and that was perceptible...

(by Rien Frolich)(Performances of Idomeneo by Mozart and Oberto by Verdi with the Delft Symphony Orchestra and Opera Choir)